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Wrenched -Frisco Edition

Wrenched -Frisco Edition

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Chrome Industries put out their own book called Wrenched. Each edition is going to feature a city, and the people that make it interesting. The first city is San Francisco.

Here is what Chrome has to say:

"Welcome to the first installment of Wrenched, brought to you by Chrome. This Pocket Sized book is a regional guide collectively brought together by the creative individuals that inhabit this city. these people don't necessarily have direct ties to Chrome... We simply admire each of these people for their contribution to the world around them.

Each issue will focus on one major city, and provide you with different perspectives on how best to experience it. San Francisco was the first city as it's where we're from. For a city that spans 7 x 7 Miles, there is a an incredible amount of creativity that populated in the city of hills."

This is the first edition, and guess what? It's free! All you need to do is add it to an order, or you can pay for shipping and get a copy.

Oh, and check out page 17 for an interview with 77's own Dan Kastner.

  • Part Length: 80 Pages