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  • Tomos A35 Cali Pipe Side Bleed
Tomos A35 Cali Pipe Side Bleed

Tomos A35 Cali Pipe Side Bleed

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6 Cone expansion chamber, laser cut flanges and mount brackets, heat resistant powdercoat coating.

Quality, Quality, Quality!  This pipe is meticulously hand made, and adds a ridiculous power boost to your Tomos A35!  This exhaust fits perfectly and is designed to work with the 70cc Airsal, DMP, and other 70cc Tomos kits.  Clears the pedals!

Side bleed means that the exhaust exits out of the side of the exhaust.  The technology of choice for cart tuners, and chainsaws.  The pinnacle of two stroke tuning.  The baffle coming from the middle also makes for slightly operating noise.  It is also just plain rad.

Made by hand in Indiana by Motion Left Mopeds.

  • Manufacturer: Motion Left Mopeds
  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Compatible Moped Brands: Tomos