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Puch Magnum Sparta Foxy Fuel Petcock

Puch Magnum Sparta Foxy Fuel Petcock

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The replacement fuel petcock solves so many problems in one fell swoop, it is a great refresher for any vintage moped. Be sure to take the time and flush out the tank when installing the new petcock; you'd be surprised what you'll find in the bottom of a moped's gas tank.

Also works with: Magnum, Cobra, Sparta Foxy

Little tip:

This petcock is installed by threading the nut onto the petcock and the frame at the same time. Get the nut started on the petcock body, then wiggle it onto the frame threads. Once its started, tighted the nut with an open ended wrench. You'll know its on properly when both sides are tight, and the petcock is firmly mounted with no side to side movement.

Made in Italy

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