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Puch ZA50 Performance Crank

Puch ZA50 Performance Crank

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Brand new performance crank for Puch ZA50 two-speed engine. Roller bearings, and stuffed with Aluminum. Let's build some crazy bikes!

ZA50's came with two different cranks, one with a 10.25mm diameter end bushing, and the other with a 9.5mm end bushing. With your crank still in your engine, measure the diameter of the brass end bushing. If it is 10.25mm, then this crank is for you.

90% of the bike came with this style crank, so it is a good bet this will work for you.

  • Manufacturer: 1977 Mopeds
  • Stroke Length: 43mm
  • Compatible Moped Brands: Puch

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