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  • Puch E50 3 Shoe Superclutch
Puch E50 3 Shoe Superclutch

Puch E50 3 Shoe Superclutch

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After no further ado, we present the 77 Superclutch.  We designed and made this clutch to handle the extreme punishment that your tuned E50 engine dishes out.

For video of how this clutch performs watch this.

Be sure to locktite the bolts that hold your shoes in place. We recommend running Transoil to keep this clutch a little cooler.


Unlike the traditional Puch 3-shoe, there is really no need to tune this clutch.  Drop it in and go.....  However if you want to, tunablity of this clutch is limited only by your imagination.  You can insert more washers in between the bolt and the spring to preload the existing spring.  You can also insert lighter springs.  The springs on this clutch are a tad too strong when you first install the clutch, but break in to the perfect strength. 

Some folks are having issues where the bolts back out.  We found that a good remedy to this is this little bolt kit here.


Includes everything you see here. 


3-Shoe Clutch!!!


  • Manufacturer: 1977 Mopeds
  • Compatible Moped Brands: Puch

Customer Reviews

Some flaws in its game
Review by Chris
(Posted on 11/4/2014)
I was not able to put this clutch in my e50 right away. I had to shave down a good amount of the engagement side material of this clutch because it would not allow me to have the round retainer in all the way to hold the engagement plate on with the full amount of material on the clutch. After I shaved it down it fits no problem. Definitely was not ready to plug and play as they say, also make sure you know what size bolts for whatever kit you are running so you get enough slip and grab. Red locktite all bolts for they will come loose.

Other than that its a pretty decent clutch runs very well.
After some mods, A++
Review by Aaron
(Posted on 7/13/2014)
as per Long Beach mopeds, i cut down regular allen head 6mx1 bolts and torqued them down. First i tried 32.4mm but it was engaging too soon and wouldn't rev out high enough when slipping. Now I'm at 31mm and its super sweet slipping perfection.

A55 cylinder+piston
magnum mlm people's pipe
14mm PHVA on custom intake
high-torque magnum head
Type F

Not sure if I'm past the spring's break-in period, but i rode like 50 miles yesterday with 0 issues. Less Heat fade with Type F then Type A. Less heat fade with superclutch then a 2-shoe clutch. A tomos dude thought i was riding a 2 speed :). brap brap.
Love it!
Review by Max
(Posted on 5/27/2014)
A HUGE upgrade compared to the stock 3 shoe clutch my Cobra had in it. Definitely worth purchasing, but save yourself trouble and pick up the black replacement bolts 77 sells. This clutch is a great investment and super easy to install!
More fun than a 2shoe
Review by tanner
(Posted on 3/19/2014)
At this point it takes off a lot better than a 2 shoe before video not sure of reliablity though. Link to my after video..
Review by Tyler
(Posted on 10/31/2013)
Amazing clutch, check out my review here!
Must have for all of your hot Puch's
Review by Mosquito
(Posted on 10/27/2013)
A+ clutch, performs very very well on my Athena KIt. A huge upgrade from a 2 shoe running lightened 3 shoe arms and kickstart springs. Doesn't get the same heat fade I am use to when I'm slipping the clutch around town. I'm using nd30 in it right now, it seems to like that. Tuned with the included springs/washers as much as they will go in it slips to ~8k then comes down to ~7,500 and locks up very smooth. Could probably de-tune it, but its super fun and don't really want to. Definitely try one out if you can!