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  • Puch CDI Unit of the Stars -E50 Setup
Puch CDI Unit of the Stars -E50 Setup

Puch CDI Unit of the Stars -E50 Setup

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We are running a crazy sale on these, and selling them until they are gone.  We started at 50 units.  Once we are out, we will be out for a while, and they will be the normal $75 price.


The Puch CDI unit to end all points. Replaces your old stator, flywheel, and problems. Bolts on in 15 minutes. You never have to set points again.

This package also upgrades your lighting system to 12v/50w.

This CDI unit originally came stock on later model Hero-Puch mopeds.

Includes everything you see here: Flywheel, Stator & Ignition Coil / CDI Box .

Works on Puch E50, Derbi Flat Reed, Sachs, and Batavus mopeds

No drilling or tapping required.

On some setups one of the ignition coil bolts will need to be shortened roughly one millimeter. This allows the plate to lie flush.


Tons of people are using this CDI.  Check them out on Garage, the worlds largest moped tuning database. Here are some builds using the Puch CDI Unit of the Stars.

  • MFG Part #: 1919191919
  • Manufacturer: 1977 Mopeds
  • Compatible Moped Brands: Batavus, Derbi, Puch, Sachs

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