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  • Sachs Puch Peugeot SPX Alsil Quich Exhaust
Sachs Puch Peugeot SPX Alsil Quich Exhaust

Sachs Puch Peugeot SPX Alsil Quich Exhaust

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Peugeot SPX Alsil exhaust. This is a big ol pipe that is waiting to be put on almost anything. With just a little creativity this will go on a Puch, and be on the correct side.

You could also spring mount this to a Sachs, and possibly a Kreidler.

As with all French pipes, be sure to pop out the restrictor washer in the header.

All the pipes we have left are sans hardware! 

  • Manufacturer: Alsil
  • Compatible Moped Brands: Peugeot, Puch, Sachs, Universal

Customer Reviews

ok so it doesnt clear pedals
Review by Will
(Posted on 5/14/2014)
as with many (maybe even MOST) performance pipes, you gotta extend the pedal shaft or similar to get full pedal clearance for complete pedaling functionality . Still, you get enough action to use coaster brakes even with stock pedal length. I love these pipes.
no fit
Review by mawic5150
(Posted on 6/27/2013)
This does not fit sachs. The pedals will not clear the thing.
Sick, cheap
Review by Will
(Posted on 12/7/2012)
this is a solid pipe. I like to use it for lots of things, especially sachs.

It mounts RIGHT up to the sachs header flange, you just gotta drill 2 holes in the bottom cylinder fins to spring mount it. better performance than the gianelli and longer lasting too. The soft mounts of the sachs engine combined with the hard mount for the exhaust to the frame breaks alot of pipes, but with the spring mounted quich, it's no problem.

You DO need to derestrict both the header (obvious washer) and the baffle (drill out second hole in the stinger)