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  • Peugeot 75cc USA Kit
Peugeot 75cc USA Kit

Peugeot 75cc USA Kit

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Description SKU: 2010

A big boy Peugeot kit, brought to you by 77.

This kit is designed to work with the US style Peugeot cases. In Europe, they had the third eye transfer port. In the US, there are only in the two side ports. This kit has the two side transfers and no third eye. All hope is not lost in the performance, due to the boost port where you would normally find the Euro third eye.

Comes with everything you see here, notice there are no gaskets. You can pick them up in our gasket section.

Since this is bigger than a 70cc kit, you will need to bore out your cases a smidge to make room for the skirt on the cylinder.

  • Manufacturer: Generic
  • Diameter: 46.6mm
  • Stroke Length: 39mm
  • Compatible Moped Brands: Peugeot