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Puch Maxi Magnum Sprocket Chain Kit

Puch Maxi Magnum Sprocket Chain Kit

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Choho 415 Moped Drive Chain -122L   +$15.99

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Description SKU: regear

This little setup lets you pick a front and rear sprocket for your Puch moped. The front sprocket fits pretty much all Puch motors, E50, ZA50, Z50, Monza, ect.  The rear sprocket fits all Lelue wheels.  The spoked, and the 5 Star variaty.  The rear sprocket does not work on the Snowflake style wheels.

Increase your gear ratio for more top speed, or decrease it for more torque.

Stock E50 gearing 16x45
Stock za50 gearing is 18x36

Comes with our Choho 122L Chain.  You will depending on what sprockets you pick need to break your chain to length.  We even give you a better price for getting it all at once.

  • Compatible Moped Brands: Puch

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