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Moonshiner Mopeds Puch E50 Clutch Bell

Moonshiner Mopeds Puch E50 Clutch Bell

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Puch E50 lightened clutch bell. Moonshiner Mopeds took stock American E50 Bells, reinforced them, lightened them, and balanced them

The bells are from used vintage American Puch motors, to ensure compatibility with pretty much anything out there. You will see higher RPM's, and higher speeds just by replacing your bell. Also, all those extra holes while taking spinning weight off your crank, also allow your clutch to stay cooler.ï¿_ A great upgrade all around.

You will see some scuffs and dings in the recycled Austrian steel, but the bells all come from stock no mod E50s, are inspected, and hot oil cleaned before we inspect them again and machine them.

Made in Austria, machined in Michigan.

  • Manufacturer: Moonshiner