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Motobecane Performance Toothed Belt BX30

Motobecane Performance Toothed Belt BX30

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The teeth allow the belt to be more flexible, and smoother and faster variaton. If you have no speed upgrades, just use a non toothed belt. This will work for race setups.

This belt is the thicker version with teeth, so this would be good with more advanced transmission parts.  Clutch Pulleys, Variotops, ect.  You need to play with finding just the right belt for your build.

Fits 50v, 50vl, 50vlx, traveler, seven, Le moped and 51v. If you want a belt that fits perfectly for no-slip starting this is the one for you.


33in Diameter

16mm wide

  • Compatible Moped Brands: Motobecane