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Tomos A35 Bullet Exhaust

Tomos A35 Bullet Exhaust

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Large header, and a big exhaust port help make this pipe a great all around performance exhaust. The expansion chamber on this pipe gives your basic stock engine some tuning that will give you a top speed boost. T

This pipe is also great as a replacement for your old clogged muffler. To gain maximum performance, upjet slightly, and or add a larger carburetor or big bore kit.

All Chrome, and excellent construction.


For more tuning information check out Garage, the worlds largest Moped Database.  Here are some great builds using the Tomos A35 Bullet.    You can use Garage as a starting point for figuring out which carbs, and tuning you might want.

  • Manufacturer: Tecno
  • Diameter: 28mm
  • Compatible Moped Brands: Tomos