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Peugeot / Puch Combo 4 Petal Reed Intake

Peugeot / Puch Combo 4 Petal Reed Intake

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From the desk of 1977 mopeds we present you with the Combo 4 Petal. This thing has versatility of the Polini 15mm or Polini 19mm 4 petal, but all in one kit. You decide what carb you want to run! Amazing quality and everything you need to get started.

The solution for adding a bit more juice to your Puch Polini kit. The four petal reeds allow more power, and throughput than the two petal that comes stock on the Puch Polini 64cc kit.

This manifold bolts right up to your Puch Polini, or Peugeot 103 and allows you install a bigger carburetor for more tuning options.

Depending on your carb, you will probably need a rubber coupler to mount your carb on.

You might have to trim up some fins on your cylinder and head to make room for your carburetor, depending on your setup.

A 77 Exclusive! Compare to Polini or Malossi 4 Petal.

  • Manufacturer: Generic
  • Diameter: 19mm
  • Compatible Moped Brands: Peugeot, Puch, Tomos