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MLM Peugeot 102 15mm Intake

MLM Peugeot 102 15mm Intake

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Thanks to Motion Left Mopeds, there is finally, an easy way to upgrade your Peugeot 102 to a Dellorto SHA. This is a must have upgrade for anyone with a Pug 102.

This intake features a machined coupling area so that your new Dellorto stays snuggly in place. After being lovingly handmade, this whole intake is finished with a very durable layer of Electrocoated Enamel.

Made in the USA.

A Note about these intakes They have an 19mm mounting flange for the 15.15 series SHA carbs
If you are ordering an 15mm SHA from us it will come with an 19mm shim already in place.

However if you are using your own SHA carb please measure the ID of the clamping area on the carb and make sure it is 19mm. If it is not we have 19x21mm shims available here In addition if you plan on using this with one of our 14.12 SHA carbs please also pick up an 19mm shim as these carbs ship with 18mm ones.

  • Manufacturer: Motion Left Mopeds
  • Diameter: 15mm
  • Compatible Moped Brands: Peugeot