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Kawasaki AR50 90cc Kit

Kawasaki AR50 90cc Kit

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Description SKU: 50299

Big bore fun for your Kaw AR50 little motorcycle. 

Includes everything you see here, and gives you a huge hp increase.


This is a new batch, with some of the issues of the last batch worked out.  Still go over this cylinder before installing to make sure that everything looks great.

  • Manufacturer: House Brand
  • Diameter: 53mm
  • Stroke Length: 41.6mm
  • Compatible Moped Brands: Kawasaki

Customer Reviews

CHAR MO ar50 90cc turd/boat anchor
Review by unOHfficial jeff
(Posted on 7/12/2014)
disappointing to say the least. myself and 3 others all ran this kit and soft seized on the first run or a few minutes into tuning. the bore is a few thousandths out of round. if you're set on buying this kit you'll NEED to have a boring bar ran through it and will need to machine a stock head to match. Don't even bother, find an autisa or get your stock cyl bored over.