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Motobecane AV7 Stock Crank Bearing (No Taper)

Motobecane AV7 Stock Crank Bearing (No Taper)

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6302 Bearing (No Taper)

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Stock style bearing for Motobecane stock AV7 cranks only. No inner taper.


AV10 and aftermarket Motobecane cranks have a "shoulder" on the crank for the bearing, so aftermarket bearings have a taper on the inner race to facilitate installation. This bearing does NOT have that taper, but on factory AV7 cranks, the "shoulder" has a slight taper so this regular 6302 bearing will work. Measure and check if in doubt, but don't worry because we carry both!

  • Diameter: 15mm x 42mm x 13mm
  • Compatible Moped Brands: Motobecane