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Peugeot Motobecane Fuel Petcock

Peugeot Motobecane Fuel Petcock

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The replacement fuel petcock solves so many problems in one fell swoop, it is a great refresher for any vintage moped. Be sure to take the time and flush out the tank when installing the new petcock; you'd be surprised what you'll find in the bottom of a moped's gas tank.

This fits Peugeot, Motobecane, and tons of Italian mopeds as well.

Little tip:

This petcock is installed by threading the nut onto the petcock and the frame at the same time. Get the nut started on the petcock body, then wiggle it onto the frame threads. Once its started, tighted the nut with an open ended wrench. You'll know its on properly when both sides are tight, and the petcock is firmly mounted with no side to side movement.

Works for Motobecane, Carabela, Puegeot, Italian tanks, and many more.

  • MFG Part #: 403.200
  • Manufacturer: Generic
  • Diameter: 10mmx 1mm Thread

Customer Reviews

works. quality is acceptible.
Review by Victor
(Posted on 9/29/2014)
so this petcock does as advertises and solves the problem of petcock not flowing. it doesnt sit tight on the threads. when it does the outflow nozzle is pointing at 11 o'clock position. i believe this is causing my gas to evaporate. this can probably be fixed by placing a washer on the base of the threads followed by that cone and rubber o ring for a tighter fit and to leave it horizontal. also my lettering has worn off.
Well, it went on at least
Review by Harrison
(Posted on 8/8/2014)
I bought it for my Motobecane 40. At first the handle was too big and in the way for it to thread with the pulley on, but as it turns out, you have to remove the handle cover anyway to make it fit.

Unlike the original petcock, this doesn't have any clean "clicks" for position. They feel kinda muddled. Also, they aren't at 90 degree positions. Mine are probably closer to 100, 190, and 280 degree positions for off, on, and reserve respectively.
Review by Michael
(Posted on 9/23/2013)
Not sure what the "little tip" is about, the silver cup that holds the gasket is more of a washer. Had to experiment with other washers to get it tight and pointing the right direction. Memorize the positions because they are different than stock and the letters wear off in a few days.