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Motobecane Leovince Exhaust

Motobecane Leovince Exhaust

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LeoVince performance for your Motobecane moped. This exhaust provides a good performance upgrade for a stock or kitted moped, without much of an increase in exhaust noise.

This Exhaust was meant for a late model Euro style motobecane, and so will need to be modified to mount to an American 50v/l/vlx/traveler, etc. The rear mount needs to be lowered about 4" with an extension bracket to provide adequate room for variation travel, and your pedals and kickstand will be usable after fitting this exhaust pipe. This sort of thing is common to almost all long exhuast pipes for Motobecanes.

Will not fit onto the Motobecane Seven.

  • MFG Part #: 4578
  • Manufacturer: Leo Vince
  • Compatible Moped Brands: Motobecane