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Minarelli Morini Garelli Stainless Spoke Kit -BLK

Minarelli Morini Garelli Stainless Spoke Kit -BLK

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Finally, you can rebuild your Moped wheels to modern standards.  Includes:

36 x 12g Black Oxide coated stainless steel spokes.
36 x Black Oxide coated brass nipples.

Enough for one wheel.

Relacing your wheel is easier than you think. Leave your old spokes in, replace them one spoke at a time, and you can not mess up the pattern.  If you want to break your wheel down for powdercoat, or new rims, be sure you take a picture of your spoke pattern before you start. Evenly tighten each spoke as you go.  If you get it close, you can even take it to a bike shop to finish the job.  You can do it though. 

These will work for most 16in Italian moped wheels.  They pretty much all use 36h rims, and you get 36 spokes per kit.

Made in Belgium and USA.

  • Manufacturer: 1977 Mopeds
  • Diameter: 12g
  • Part Length: 165mm
  • Compatible Moped Brands: Garelli, Minarelli, Morini