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Tomos A55 Carburetor Speed Upgrade Kit

Tomos A55 Carburetor Speed Upgrade Kit

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UNI Pod Air filter -PHVA-

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Dellorto 6mm Main Jet #58
#30 PHVA Idle Jet
PHVA 210 FA Atomizer

Description SKU: 60032

Speed upgrade kit for your Tomos A55 LX Spint ST, and Streetmate.  Bascially any Tomos A55 based newer moped will really benefit from this.  Works great for kits or if you add a pipe.

Includes new Main Jet, Infuser, Idle Jet, and Hi Flow air filter.

  • Compatible Moped Brands: Tomos

Customer Reviews

Review by Stephen
(Posted on 4/22/2013)
At Port City Mopeds, we combine this kit with a A55 Biturbo and gearing change. Its affordable, and it gets your Tomos going 35+. Can't beat it!