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Peugeot 103 Complete Rebuild Kit

Peugeot 103 Complete Rebuild Kit

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Here at 1977 Mopeds, we have rebuilt piles Peugeot motors.  To share our knowledge we have combined all of our favorite items into one convienent spot.

You get a chance to make some decisions.  First pick your crankshaft. We have two excellent options to choose from. Going to use your stock crank? Leave the crank section unselected.

We are linking up all the bearings and seals you need.  If you are cracking an engine, you should replace all of your bearings and seals.  They are cheap, and you will have no question on if they are good or not.

Pick a gasket set.  If you are rebuilding a stocker, pick 50cc.  If you are going to be putting a kit on it, choose 70cc.

Finally we added all the hardware we typically use in a Peugeot build.  Take only what you want.  To reselect multiple items, hold down the shift button while clicking.

By buying all this at once, we are passing along a 10% discount!

  • Compatible Moped Brands: Peugeot