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Motobecane Peugeot Moped Doppler Clutch Pulley

Motobecane Peugeot Moped Doppler Clutch Pulley

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If you have a french bike, and you truly want to blast, here you go.

The infamous Doppler Clutch Pulley. When you get this, make sure you break it down, grease all the bearings, and locktight everything back together. There are tons of rotational force put on these rip engines.

This one is made for Motobecane, but they are pretty much interchangeable with the Peugeot. Includes a pedal shaft that is keyed for pegs instead of pedal arms. You can either cut a new slot for the pedal pin, or just use your stock pedal shaft.

New Pics Coming Soon!

  • MFG Part #: 1969
  • Manufacturer: Doppler