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  • CEV Points -M18 with wire
CEV Points -M18 with wire

CEV Points -M18 with wire

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Replacement CEV points.

CEV Breaker points works on the following makes and models.

AMF (with Minarelli Engine), Baretta (with Minarelli Engine), Cimatti (with Minarelli Engine), Easy Rider, Gadabout, Garelli (models with CEV 6933 Magneto), General (with Minarelli Engine), Intramotor (with Minarelli Engine), Moto Bee, Motomarina Jr, Raven (with Minarelli Engine), and Tripower, Moto Guzzi (Robin and G-2 with Dansi Magneto), Motron, and Snark Eagle.

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  • MFG Part #: 405
  • Compatible Moped Brands: Garelli, Minarelli