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  • 77 Puch Gila 24mm Intake
77 Puch Gila 24mm Intake

77 Puch Gila 24mm Intake

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Since the dawn of Moped tuning, it seems like intakes have been a bit of a bottleneck on what you can do.  We are very proud to introduce our take on intakes.


We make this intake right here at the Reality Factory in Kalamazoo Michigan.  It very perfectly fits your 24mm Mikuni snugly up against your Magnum frame. This intake also works on the Puch Maxi, if you user a slightly longer coupler to allow it to flex away from the frame a bit.

The wide base of the intake gives you a perfect flow into your reed block.

Made of heat treated cast aluminum, tumbled, and hand finished by us.

Made in Kalamazoo

  • Manufacturer: 1977 Mopeds
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Compatible Moped Brands: Puch